Instructional Materials Review 


Purpose of the Instructional Materials Review is to:


Focus on the evaluation of teaching effectiveness through content expertise and design skills.


Create an opportunity to review and discuss course materials.


Provide immediate feedback on  the faculty member’s instructional materials.


Ensure that faculty are aware of the legal parameters required concerning instructional materials.


 Provide helpful direction for improvement as needed .

          All courses (live, on-line, ITV, etc.) are required by the education code to provide

a syllabus and course content which covers certain basic critical elements. 

“It is the intent of the Legislature that public institutions of higher education in California shall provide a collegiate experience which gives each student the skills of communication and problem solving, the ideas and principles underlying the major areas of modern knowledge, the ability to consider ethical issues thoughtfully, the understanding that learning is a continuous lifelong process, and the knowledge of democracy necessary for good citizenship.  The Legislature further intends that an undergraduate education prepare students to think critically and independently, and to have the flexibility to adapt to changing economic and social conditions, new workforce needs, and demands of a multicultural society.  It is also the intent of the Legislature that the segments of higher education recognize that quality teaching is the core ingredient of the undergraduate educational experience.  The segments of higher education are encouraged to improve the quality of undergraduate education as a central priority of California's public colleges and universities.” (California Education code section 66050)

For comprehensive peer evaluation and feedback, it is recommended that peer

evaluation include a review of the colleague’s instructional materials. The instructor will

provide the evaluation committee, with each course syllabus, and a sampling of other

instructional material such as: reading lists, handouts, copies of examinations and

homework assignments. The standardized rating form below will be used for assessing

the material.

          The review of course materials should involve each member of the faculty evaluation

committee reviewing a different course as applicable.  This review can be done during the

interview orally, by reviewing the printed materials, or discussion with the faculty member.

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